This page explains our requirements to conferences using ConfReg (basically, following the strict principles of EasyChair).

If you have questions or comments about these requirements, please do contact us.

Strictly no Spam

ConfReg itself has a strict no-spam policy. We do not spam our users and do not sell or otherwise distribute their email addresses. We expect our users to do the same.

Verifiable Information Principle

All information included on the Web pages and in any announcements of your conference should be authentic and verifiable. This includes:
  1. All persons mentioned in the pages and announcements. For example, if your Web page lists the conference scientific committee, then either it should include links to the Web pages of committee members or you should be able to provide, upon request, a confirmation that a particular committee member has agreed to be on this committee.
  2. All organizations, for example sponsors, mentioned on your Web pages or in your announcements. Your association with these organisations should be verifiable upon request.
  3. All third-party logos used on your Web pages or in your announcements. You should receive permission to use these logos and be able to justify that you have such permission.
Other Requirements
  1. If a conference, or part of a conference, uses ConfReg for registration, there should be no parallel registration process. That is, registrations must only be done through ConfReg and not by email or using another registration system.
  2. The conference Web pages must clearly explain who is organizing the conference. For example, the organizer can be a university, other organization, company, academic association, or an individual.
  3. The conference Web pages must have an easily accessible contact information:
    • There must be an email address, which preferably belongs to the domain of a university, other recognized academic institution, or a major company or organization.
    • If the email address does not belong to one of these domains, there must be a contact phone number.